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  We are proud to announce the release of a special project we've been working on for a while now – a scriptbook reprinting the original scripts for a lost William Hartnell adventure. Farewell Great Macedon was written in 1964 by then-young writer Moris Farhi. After a meeting with the series first script editor David Whitaker, Moris became engrossed in writing this historical adventure where the Doctor and his fellow travellers meet Alexander the Great. Ultimately the script was not used and became one of the first few scripts to be deleoped for the series but dropped for various reasons.

Now an accomplished author, Moris Farhi has kept these original scripts for years and has given his consent to share them with everyone forty years after they were written. Unlike other scriptbooks, we have elected to reproduce the scripts "warts and all" from the original typewritten pages. We have
also invited several Doctor Who historians to review the
scripts and give their own take on this early
work -
including a special edition of the DWM Time Team.
Rounded off with other background articles and even
another bonus script written by Moris this edition will
make a fine addition to any fan's book shelf.

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Featuring new artwork from Adrian Salmon and Jason Fletcher